[Cape Town, South Africa] Friday 3rd February saw it's very first edition of Fight Factory, Fight Night. But before I get into the events of the evening, let's first address the the elephant in the room.

The event was hosted at The Ring boxing gym in Cape Town. Though relativel, it has limited space for seating arrangements. I spoke to Rowan Katzew (Managing Director or Fight Factory) after the event and he informed me that this was the primary grievance by spectators. Limited seating, obscured vision to the ring, etc. This is definitely something one should consider when hosting an event. However, the setup proved to be very condusive once the fights started and people were barely in their seats. The crowd was in awe of the fights and on leaving the event, the fights were the topic on everyone's lips, not the venue.

Now that we covered that, let's focus the fights. OMG! Did you see the knockout by Faeez Jacobs?? If you missed it, I'll cover it later on, in the article.

The evening started off with some White Collar Boxing. Though these were amateur fights, they were extremely entertaining and the fighters put up a good show. Even the ladies performed in spectacular fashion. Here's a clip from one of the fights.
Footage by Fidaah Edries
The second part of the event saw some MMA action. As you may expect, this went by very quickly. Timothy Steenkamp from Viper made his debut and performed flawlessly. He dominated most of the fight over his opponent. However, JP Rousseau showed exceptional resilience. In the second round he showed heart, determination and gave everything he have. Fight eventually went to the judges score card and Timothy won by Split Decision.

Corne Blom from Tricore won in spectacular fashion when mounted and put a beating down on Jayde Mitchell in the second round. The ref had to jump in and called it. Blom won via TKO.

There's a real thin line when it comes to hitting an opponent behind the ear. Various organisations rule this differently. The fight between Jaco Smit and Juan Bezuidenhout was one such call. Bezuidenhout took the back of Smith and continued to rain punches down. You can only imagine the impact Smit took as Heavy Weights have some serious power. This fight was called by the judges in favour of Bezuidenhout. Bezuidenhout  won via TKO in round one.

Now as I mentioned earlier. OMG! Did you see the KO by Faeez Jacobs? If not, here it is. This took place in the second round after his opponent, Edwin Manhando, clearly dominated the ground in the first round.
Footage by Fidaah Edries
So this evening the focus was primarily about Muay Thai, and my-oh-my, was it captivating. "Bringing Muay Thai back" was the subject of the evening. Not only the fights but also the culture (I'll elaborate more about this in another article). Starting each fight off with the Wai Khru (a ritual performed by participants before fighting in Muay Thai competitions) and then proceeding with the fight. 

Chester Kruger defeated Brendon Abrahams in devastating fashion after landing two knees (in the clinch) to the jaw. All this in under 30secs. 
Footage by Chester Kruger (Instagram Post)
Rafel Wozniak beat Alain Kulenfuka (who took the fight on two days notice after Wozniak's original opponent was unable to compete) after a five round all out war. There were some controversial moments after the the fight but this was quickly cleared by the officials. Wozniak won via Unanimous Decision.

This surely was quite an experience. I loved every minute of it and already look forward to the next one in April.

Article by Justin Smith

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