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[Cape Town, South Africa] There has been some controversy over the past few weeks with regards to Bloggers being banned at EFC World Wide events. This after a social media post by MMA Africa was posted on Facebook.

But before I continue, I want to make it clear that we at MMA Fundi do not participate in any biased correspondence and have since spoken to some of the parties involved in the incident, namely MMA Africa founder, Steve Van Wyk and EFC World Wide president, Cairo Howarth.

A few weeks ago, after the post by MMA Africa was uploaded to social media, many of the public and media platforms were stunned by the announcement.

Most bloggers (including us) took offence to this, especially those who have been supporting the brand and providing media coverage at the events for a number of years. MMA Fundihas always made it clear (from day one) that we are here to support the fighters and bring exposure to them and that events are an addition. After EFC 58, we took it upon ourselves to…


As we build up to Fight Factory 2, I will be doing a series of articles on fighters and the promotion. In this section I will be focusing on Alexandre Kabangu. A man who will be fighting in the main bout against Ashley Robinson.

Alexandre Kabangu has been fighting most of his life in the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) where he is originally from. He has been in Cape Town since last year December and speaks very little English, but that has not stopped him from learning the language or sharpening his skills. Kabangu is being coached by Arron Mckenzie at Redemption Fitness in Cape Town and has made good progress thus far (most of you will know the name of Redemption Fitness as the home of former EFC Heavyweight, Knife Didier). Though he has not been in South Africa that long, he does have a very impressive fight record behind him. Kabangu has 25 pro fights under his name, in which 2 were for the WAKO African Championship.

Alexandre Kabangu is set to face Cape Town native, Ashley Ro…


As we build up to Fight Factory 2, I will be doing a series of articles on fighters and the promotion. In this section I will be focusing on Ashley Robinson, a name familiar to fight fans all over Cape Town.

The second instalment of Fight Factory is underway and we are in for a treat as the main event sees a pro Muay Thai bout between Alexandre Kabangu and one of Cape Town's favourite fighters, Ashley Robinson. This fight is set to be for the Super Middleweight title.

Ashley Robinson is no stranger to the fight scene in Cape Town as he has been seen competing on different platforms around the city. From Kickboxing to MMA, Boxing to Muay Thai, he has done it all. Robinson follows a strict diet and training plan that includes running, conditioning and even aesthetics(a set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty). His tough but humble approach to life and fighting makes him loved and respected by fans and fighters alike.

Whenever the name of Robinson is o…


[Cape Town, South Africa] Days after EFC 58 has concluded, Sayed goes back onto social media and starts throwing shots at fighters. This time Gareth Buirski is the target. Buirski has declined Sayed's call for a fight previously and it seems like it happened again.

"I'm limping around with a swollen foot and 3 stitches in my eye but Gareth Buirski turns down a fight against me for the 2nd time..." Sayed stated with a picture of himself and a patched eyelid.
Shortly after trashing Buirski on Facebook, Sayed called out the entire Bantam Weight division hoping a formidable opponent would respond.

Faeez Jacobs, who victoriously debuted at EFC 58 stepped up to the challenge, but much to his surprise, Sayed wasn't interested. So the hunt continues for Sayed's next opponent. Any takers?

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[London] BAMMA returns to Birmingham on May 12th 2017, and prepare for another explosive chapter to be written in the illustrious England versus Germany sporting rivalry, with Heavyweights Brett ‘The Spartan’ McDermott and Ruben ‘The Viking’ Wolf clashing for the Heavyweight Title.

We are delighted to be returning to Birmingham for BAMMA 29 with such a huge show. Two world titles top off one of the most action packed cards we have ever assembled and I expect the roof to come off when England and Germany go head to head for the Heavyweight Title. May 12th is going to be big.”  David Green, BAMMA CEO

Brett ‘The Spartan’ McDermott is one of the nation’s most feared Heavyweights. With huge punching power and an attacking style designed to KO opponents, May 12th offers McDermott his greatest ever prize in MMA - the coveted BAMMA Heavyweight Title.

"I'm really excited to be headlining BAMMA 29, Back in the Gentlings Arena, Birmingham, it's been a rocky few months for me but I&…


As many of you may know, "the struggle is real" for a MMA athlete. Many of them have to work a regular "9 to 5" job and commit to training early in the morning and late at night. This was no different for  EFC debutant, Faeez "Trouble Maker" Jacobs.

Over the past 2-3 years that Jacobs has entered the combat scene, he has been creating havoc in every amateur/pro-am organisation he participated in. Racking up belts and scratching out names where ever he goes.  During this time, Jacobs was also working as an Uber driver and training in between hours. However, he stopped working once he decided to take up MMA as a profession.

"When my career got to this point I made the decision that I would sacrifice luxury living for a while so I could make my dreams a reality. So I left Uber to become a pro MMA fighter"
On Saturday, 8th April 2017, this former Uber driver's dream become a reality as he stepped into the hexagon at EFC 58. Faeez Jacobs vs Jess…


After so much trash talk, from both fighters, its always interesting to see if the fight lives up to the hype. Irshaad Sayed and Tumisang Madiba are both known for doing exactly this. Talking trash and backing it up.

Though none of this phased Sayed (until the weigh ins, watch the clip here), we were all in for a huge surprise.

If there was one thing that everyone failed to anticipate was the STRENGTH that Madiba would bring with to the division. No sizable difference in height or reach between these fighters, but boy-oh-boy was their a power difference. Madiba was tossing Sayed around the cage like a rag doll. Everyone in the crowd was left in awe. Personally, I was shocked as this was really unexpected. Madiba shoved and pushed Sayed around in the first round. It looked terrifying. Madiba also managed to get a choke on Sayed but as we have learnt from past experience, Sayed doesn't tap!

Surviving the choke and the punishment in the first round, Sayed came out as aggressively (a…


"I'm chilled" Shaun de Lange, post fight interview statement
It's been nearly two years since we've last seen Shaun "The Kid" de Lange in action. After the loss of his mother, de Lange went off the map and stayed out of the cage...until now. De Lange is not one for social media, and also doesn't do much trash talk but at the weigh ins, you could see that he was back to his old self and ready to take things to the next level.

"..Shaun's been calling for that fight for so long..." Graeme Cartmell said when asked about his pick for fight of the night at the weigh ins, and surely, he was right! Three rounds of absolute, educated violence (as Norman "Chef" Wessels refers to it...gotta love this guy).

Both fighters are known for their stand up and this fight was no different. Trading punches round for round, like stock on the JSE. Both fighters took several shots to the head, which could at any time have led to a KO, but they pers…