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[Cape Town, South Africa] There has been some controversy over the past few weeks with regards to Bloggers being banned at EFC World Wide events. This after a social media post by MMA Africa was posted on Facebook.

But before I continue, I want to make it clear that we at MMA Fundi do not participate in any biased correspondence and have since spoken to some of the parties involved in the incident, namely MMA Africa founder, Steve Van Wyk and EFC World Wide president, Cairo Howarth.

A few weeks ago, after the post by MMA Africa was uploaded to social media, many of the public and media platforms were stunned by the announcement.

Most bloggers (including us) took offence to this, especially those who have been supporting the brand and providing media coverage at the events for a number of years. MMA Fundi has always made it clear (from day one) that we are here to support the fighters and bring exposure to them and that events are an addition. After EFC 58, we took it upon ourselves to find out from the parties involved, what happened and why. 

I spoke to president Howarth who gave me his version of the story. Howarth said "we haven't banned bloggers from our events" and that they have to grant media accreditation to those whom they think will provide the most value. "We have limited seating for media", he said and they look for the platform that can reach a wider audience.

Other concerns he raised were that some of the outlets plagiarize their (EFC World Wide) work and simply add it under their (blogs) own brands. He also pointed out the fact that some of the information provided by these outlets were inaccurate and false. With that being said, MMA Africa was not the only media outlet that was denied access. Ruckus Media, Step Up MMA and Sportside were some of the brands that were denied accreditation. I managed to get a hold of Sportside founder, Sibusiso Nkosi, who said he was the first to run the story after he heard that bloggers might be getting the boot.

Howarth further stated that, should seating become available in the future that they would allow these previously denied platforms accreditation. "We want coverage that create excitement before the event" he stated, " part of the build up...".

As far as Van Wyk was concerned, this was not entirely true. He said that Howarth informed him that all small media brands and bloggers were no longer allowed. Van Wyk said that he was especially disappointed since they have had a relationship with EFC World Wide for many years and that they were the first media platform (blog) to bring innovative ideas such as vido interviews. Van Wyk concluded his post stating the following:

You can read the full post and comments here.

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