Picture by EFC: Faeez Jacbos after winning his debut at EFC 58

As many of you may know, "the struggle is real" for a MMA athlete. Many of them have to work a regular "9 to 5" job and commit to training early in the morning and late at night. This was no different for  EFC debutant, Faeez "Trouble Maker" Jacobs.

Over the past 2-3 years that Jacobs has entered the combat scene, he has been creating havoc in every amateur/pro-am organisation he participated in. Racking up belts and scratching out names where ever he goes.  During this time, Jacobs was also working as an Uber driver and training in between hours. However, he stopped working once he decided to take up MMA as a profession.

"When my career got to this point I made the decision that I would sacrifice luxury living for a while so I could make my dreams a reality. So I left Uber to become a pro MMA fighter"

On Saturday, 8th April 2017, this former Uber driver's dream become a reality as he stepped into the hexagon at EFC 58. Faeez Jacobs vs Jessie Fleming was the opening fight on the prelims card.

"I walked into the hex and felt the soft canvas, and I was in the moment, seeing the camera and the ref, and other officials in the cage...keeping me warm...and then Jessie steps in the ring, and the fire in my belly starts...and automatically I feel energized....and I'm busy staring him down and the camera is constantly trying to get in my face and block my vision. I persist on staring him down so he knows we about to go into battle"

Jacobs won in spectacular fashion, in the very first round. The ref jumped in and declared his victory by TKO.

"The moment the bell rings all my nerves disappear and I start having fun. He goes for the take down and I start throwing elbows and I feel my elbow bone dig into his head and face. He had top position most of the round but once i got top position I was determined to show him how to properly ground and pound, and 20 seconds in, the ref calls the fight and my debut is over"

The 22 year old phenom advised that he is ready for the call to step into the hex again. His coach, Fidaah Edries, says that a lot of the composure we see presented by Jacobs is due to mental coaching, which he believes is a vital aspect in his fighters training.

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