Pic by EFC: Sayed with a crisp left hook to the temple of Madiba

After so much trash talk, from both fighters, its always interesting to see if the fight lives up to the hype. Irshaad Sayed and Tumisang Madiba are both known for doing exactly this. Talking trash and backing it up.

Though none of this phased Sayed (until the weigh ins, watch the clip here), we were all in for a huge surprise.

If there was one thing that everyone failed to anticipate was the STRENGTH that Madiba would bring with to the division. No sizable difference in height or reach between these fighters, but boy-oh-boy was their a power difference. Madiba was tossing Sayed around the cage like a rag doll. Everyone in the crowd was left in awe. Personally, I was shocked as this was really unexpected. Madiba shoved and pushed Sayed around in the first round. It looked terrifying. Madiba also managed to get a choke on Sayed but as we have learnt from past experience, Sayed doesn't tap!

Surviving the choke and the punishment in the first round, Sayed came out as aggressively (as in the first) and more stoked in the second. Sayed, being a very technical fighter, used this to his advantage and ended up knocking down Madiba. He followed up with some throw downs to the face of Madiba and the ref jumped in calling the fight over. Sayed won the fight in devastating fashion by TKO. Ref jumped in so fast, there was no time for Sayed to give Madiba the PK (kids, ask your parents what this means) he promised.

The clear difference in fighters (in my opinion) were this. Sayed fought comfortably as he usually does, moving around a lot and throwing great combinations. Madiba on the other hand, looked as if he was trying to preserve his energy but making full use of it when tossing Sayed about. It also seems as if he gassed his arms after the failed attempt to submit Sayed. Not sure if his weight cut had anything to do with this. Aggression was the same but ultimately, the strength Madiba showed was alarming. Sayed, however, is versatile and adapts to every situation he finds himself in.

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