"I'm chilled" Shaun de Lange, post fight interview statement

Picture by EFC: de Lange lands a straight left to the jaw of Bagattin

It's been nearly two years since we've last seen Shaun "The Kid" de Lange in action. After the loss of his mother, de Lange went off the map and stayed out of the cage...until now. De Lange is not one for social media, and also doesn't do much trash talk but at the weigh ins, you could see that he was back to his old self and ready to take things to the next level.

"..Shaun's been calling for that fight for so long..." Graeme Cartmell said when asked about his pick for fight of the night at the weigh ins, and surely, he was right! Three rounds of absolute, educated violence (as Norman "Chef" Wessels refers to it...gotta love this guy).

Both fighters are known for their stand up and this fight was no different. Trading punches round for round, like stock on the JSE. Both fighters took several shots to the head, which could at any time have led to a KO, but they persevered. De Lange seemed to be taunting Bagattin as he was smiling at him for the duration of the fight and sticking his head out.

The fight went all the way to the last bell and the judges score card. De Lange claimed victory by Split Decision. After the fight Dirk Steenkamp asked de Lange how he felt after taking the W, and de Lange responded in his soft undertone voice "I'm chilled" which had the crowd laughing historically after just witnessing the most vicious fight of the evening.

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