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Dricus "Stillknocks" du Plessis has never been a fighter to shy away from any challenge. With an impressive record of 9 wins and 1 loss, the 23 year old du Plessis can still make waves across the globe.

It is one thing to say how good du Plessis is but only the statistics can tell you the story of the caliber of fighter that he really is.

Taking a look at the graph below, we can clearly see the positions in which du Plessis is most dangerous at. Being no stranger to taking the fight to the ground, du Plessis has an impressive 43,22% of his total relevant strikes when in control on the mat. Even more impressive is the way du Plessis makes use of the cage, landing 56,41% of his relevant strikes while standing. It is clear that he takes full control when trading and has some good Boxing skills.

(Image provide by Objective Regression)
As mentioned above, du Plessis loves trading shots with whoever steps into the Hex with him. The graph below gives you a comparison between himself and his opponents percentage of strikes being landed during the fight.

The only fighters to have outstrike du Plessis during a fight were, former EFC Middleweight Champion and current UFC fighter, Garreth "Soldierboy" Mclellan and the Pole, Rafal Haratyk respectively.

Mclellan standing at 6,31 strikes per minute (shots that actually landed) over that of du Plessis' 1,07. Though du Plessis received more shots from Soldierboy, it was on the ground where he was worn out and initially submitted due to Guillotine Choke (so far, the first and only fight he has lost to date).

Rafal Haratyk on the other hand, also had the better of du Plessis in terms of strikes landed but was not able to capitalise on this advantage as the stamina of du Plessis was just too much for the Pole to handle.

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The fight against Martin van Staden immediately stands out in the below graph, showing how often du Plessis attempted a submission during the fight. With 11 submission attempts for du Plessis vs van Staden's 2, it was clear that the main objective was to take the fight to the mat and make van Staden submit. du Plessis got it right in Round 3 where he locked in the Guillotine Choke to make the experienced van Staden tap.

(Image provide by Objective Regression)
I hope this bit of insight into the statistical part of Dricus du Plessis' fighting style, was able to give you a better idea of the game plan we can expect from Stillknocks at EFC 59.

I'm sure that all South African MMA fans are standing behind du Plessis when he takes on the Brazilian Jose de Rocha.

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Article by: Darren McLean

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