Picture by Stephen Bryan: Wozniak and Mailer touch gloves

[Cape Town, South Africa] Since early in 2016, Muay Thai has slowly been making its way back to to the shores of South Africa. The past weekend saw another event contributing to the commitment many promotions have made to "BRING MUAY THAI BACK" to the streets of Cape Town.

Muay Thai is regarded as one of the most brutal forms of Martial Arts, and is world renowned for its use of the knees and elbows. Other than the use of your fists and shins, knees and elbows make up a fundamental part of a fighters arson and can cause devastating damage to their opponent. This is in essence what happened when Anthony Mailer took on Rafel Wozniak for the Super Welterweight Muay Thai title at Fight Factory 2. Mailer and Wozniak are both highly respected Martial Artist who have competed on the highest levels of combat sport in South Africa. Namely, EFC World Wide and Last Fighter Standing respectively.

Picture by Stephen Bryan: Anthony Mailer performing the Wai Kru before the fight
Three rounds of unparalleled war went by as Mailer and Wozniak put it all on the line. Fans were sensationalised as these two warriors battled knowing that a title was at stake and neither was willing to succumb to defeat, until one elbow was all it took to make a significant difference. One of the most craziest TKO's I've seen up close. Imagine being able to hear how the elbow cuts through the forehead and tears the skin apart, creating a pool of blood on the canvas. Mailer immediately went down grasping his head in agony. The ref stopped the fight after the count to ten and Mailer was down in pain.

Picture by Stephen Bryan: Rafel Wozniak bowing to the judges after performing the Wai Kru
Two of the judges I spoke to said that the fight was exceptionally close. One judge scored rounds one and two in favour or Mailer and the other scored a round to each fighter. Wozniak was declared the winner of the fight by TKO in the third round and is now the Fight Factory Super Welterweight Muay Thai champion.

Photo from Alexandre Kabangu's Facebook post

The main event followed swiftly afterwards as Ashley Robinson took on Alexandre Kabangu for the Fight Factory Super Middleweight title. Both fighters started out evenly aggressive but Kabangu managed to overwhelm his opponent with a left shin to the face and ended the fight early in the very first round.

Kabangu has only been training in Cape Town for the six months at Redemption Fitness Centre. He comes from a boxing background and also has an K1 title belt.

"This is my first fight in South Africa
 "I'm very, very South Africa, I have a new belt...."
Alexandre Kabangu

Here are the official results of the evening:
Stefan Jansen defeats Andre de Kok by Split Decision (Am Muay Thai)
Ghalid Small defeats Eui Tuk by Unanimous Decision (Am MMA)
Task Garimbo defeats Quwyn Simpson by Unanimous Decision (Am MMA)
Andrew Bezuidenhout defeats Grant Harley by Submission (Am MMA)
Timothy Steenkamp defeats Matt Mills by TKO (AM Muay Thai)
Kojo defeats Doudou Besala by TKO (Am Muay Thai)
Shane Meier defeats Blaze Litongo by Submission
Willem Smith defeats Jaco Smith by TKO (Am MMA)
Wesley defeats Yaseen van de Skyff by Unanimous Decision
British defeated Steele by Unanimous Decision
Mkhululi defeats Stephan Gelderbloem by TKO (Muay Thai)
Adrian van Wyk defeats Khulekani Hlongwa by TKO
Rafel Wozniak defeats Anthony Mailer by TKO (Super Welterweight Title)
Alexandre Kabangu defeats Ashley Robinson by TKO (Super Middleweight Title)

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