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[Cape Town, South Africa] In the latest episode of EFC Worldwide's new combat series, The Fighter, there was a sudden turn of events. Mike Diorio (American), who had to leave the house due to a staff infection, returned after only 3 days. Since the house already has ten fighters, this now adds up to eleven. How will this play out? Well, we'll have to wait and see if Diorio gets to fight in the show. But as we all know, anything is possible in the fight game.

Max Merten (German) who lost in the previous episode said he gassed out in the warm up already. Yip, he said that. Could it be the altitude? Climate? Or just that he came into the show unfit? All these are relevant questions.

We saw our first coaches challenge take place. Each coach had ten chances to score by throwing a ping pong ball across a table-tennis table into a container. The winner of this challenge had the opportunity to choose the next fight. Sayed won the challenge and chose his number one pick, Jenaid Ebanks …


Zimbabwe’s Elvis Moyo (left) scheduled to face Cameroon’s Nico Yamdjie (right) at EFC 65.
Cameroon’s Nico Yamdjie takes late notice fight against Zimababwe’s Elvis Moyo
Johannesburg, South Africa –In a last-minute twist of fate, Germany’s Ugur Ă–zkaplan has suffered a torn meniscus in training and withdrawn from his EFC 65 main card fight against Elvis Moyo. Cameroon’s heavy hitting, Nico Yamdjie accepted the late notice challenge and will fill the spot with 8 days to fight night. Living and training in Cape Town out of Pro Fitness Kickboxing, Yamdjie has impressed fans with his hand speed and head movement. A giant of man, he always carries a smile on his face as if unfazed by anything in front of him. Possibly because only he knows his true power and capabilities. This fight takes place on the main card ahead of the light heavyweight championship fight between Champion Dalcha and Stuart Austin.
EFC 65 Dalcha vs Austin is presented by and takes place on Saturday 4 November l…


Champion Dalcha Lungiambula (left) set to defend the EFC light heavyweight championship against England’s Stuart Austin (right).
Highlights from the EFC 65 media day… more coming soon

Johannesburg, South Africa – EFC GYM Sandton played host to the EFC 65 open workout and press conference earlier today. The day kicked-off with the open workouts which saw a number of the main card athletes putting on a show, but it was noticeable that the mood upped in tempo as soon as it was time for the press conference. Baiting him to bring the fight, Champion Dalcha Lungiambula had some choice words for his English challenger Stuart Austin. See a short exert from the press conference here:

When it was time for face-off’s attitudes ramped up even further and it was the flyweight bout between South Africa’s undefeated Bokang Masunyane and Brazil’s Magno Alves that took the spotlight. Watch the intense and heated face-off between them here:

Full pres…


EFC is continually coming up with new strategies to keep fighters and fans entertained. This time, they've added some exciting new additions to the Open Workout. In line with this, they are also hosting a charity drive for a local children's charity. Everyone is asked to bring candy as a donation. By doing this, you also stand a change of winning tickets to #EFC65.  PRESS RELEASE
Donate candy for local children’s charity at the EFC 65 Media Day
Johannesburg, South Africa –This Saturday at EFC Gym Sandton, EFC 65 athletes will convene for an official EFC 65 press conference and open workout like never done before. It is a week before EFC 65 and tensions will be high. Added to the day’s excitement, all are encouraged to bring sweets and candy to be donated to a local children’s charity for Halloween. Those who get involved will receive a pair of EFC 65 tickets.

Location: EFC Gym Sandton
Date: Saturday 28 October 2017
Time: 13:00 – 15:00 EFC 65 Dalcha vs Austin is presented by BetXcha…


[Cape Town, South Africa] This will be the second time that Champion Dalcha will be defending his EFC Light Heavyweight title. However, only time will tell how successful his defense will be. Stuart Austin posses a real threat to his title reign as this fighter has shown that he has the all-round skill level and is not to take the fight where ever it goes. But will that be enough to stop the Congolese powerhouse? Well, we'll find out soon enough.


On Saturday 4 November, live from Carnival City in Johannesburg, the pride of Congo, Dalcha Lungiambula (7-1) puts his EFC light heavyweight championship on the line against his most dangerous opponent yet, United Kingdom’s Stuart Austin (12-3). Watch the captivating Countdown to Dalcha versus Austin here:

Plus, former featherweight champion Boyd Allen (15-3) makes his fateful return to the Hexagon against Scotland’s Calum Murrie (3-0). See the Countdown to Allen versus Murrie here:

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Next week on #TF1! Don’t miss the repeat of episode 2 today at 14:00 on @SABC3! — EFC Worldwide™ (@EFCworldwide) October 23, 2017
[Cape Town, South Africa] In this weeks episode of The Fighter, we got to see some fights! YEEEAAAAAHHH!!! Although, it probably wasn't what we expected it to be. To start off, last week we saw team Pena's, Mzwandile Hlongwa (South Africa), leave the house because he wasn't medically cleared. This week Cameroonian fighter, Bertrand Batamag, joins the house to replace Hlongwa in Pena's team. Then team Sayed's, Mike Diorio (USA), leaves the house due to a staph infection, which now leaves another opening in the house. Then Hlongwa returns back to the house as "extensive medical tests were done" which now cleared him! And because team Pena already has the spot filled, Hlongwa now has to join team Sayed. Confusing much?
Who goes through to the next round on The Fighter? Find out TONIGHT at 21:00!

Africa -…


 Sindile Manengela and Regis Muyambo in a ranking collision, EFC 65
Johannesburg, South Africa – Both South Africa’s Sindile Manengela and Zimbabwe’s Regis Muyambo are in the middle of a career resurgence. At EFC 65, they will clash and only one will continue his upward trajectory in the featherweight division.
Since making the move to PESFA in Port Elizabeth, South Africa’s Manengela has seen phenomenal growth in all aspects of his MMA skillset. Under the eye of Chris Bright, Manengela is now riding his first win streak after a rocky start to his EFC career.
Similarly, Muyambo has had an up and down career, but has lately found his form in the featherweight division. Living and training in Cape Town, South Africa, at Silverback MMA he has perfected his boxing-wrestling style. Now with added size in a lighter division, he can only be more lethal.
This fight takes place on the prelim card ahead of the five-fight main card, headlined by the light heavyweight championship fight between Ch…


This week on @EFCworldwide The Fighter!

Catch the repeat of episode 1 on @SABC3 today at 14h00 if you missed it like me! — Dylan Moore (@MrCPT) October 16, 2017Footage by EFC World Wide
[Cape Town, South Africa] EFC World Wide has launched, what could possibly be, the biggest attraction for Mixed Martial Arts on the African soil. On Saturday past we witnessed the season premier of The Fighter, a Mixed Martial Arts reality show. In a nutshell, the show comprises of 10 fighters from all around the globe, who live and train together for 10 weeks. The fighters have to compete against each other for the number one spot. The winner of the show (as there can be only one), receives a six figure contract with the EFC and an opportunity to fight for the Middle Weight Championship belt.

At this point, all the fighters are undefeated, but in the famed words of Conor "The Notorious" McGregor, by the end of the show "somebody's 0 has got to go" …