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[Cape Town, South Africa] In the latest episode of EFC Worldwide's new combat series, The Fighter, there was a sudden turn of events. Mike Diorio (American), who had to leave the house due to a staff infection, returned after only 3 days. Since the house already has ten fighters, this now adds up to eleven. How will this play out? Well, we'll have to wait and see if Diorio gets to fight in the show. But as we all know, anything is possible in the fight game.

Max Merten (German) who lost in the previous episode said he gassed out in the warm up already. Yip, he said that. Could it be the altitude? Climate? Or just that he came into the show unfit? All these are relevant questions.

We saw our first coaches challenge take place. Each coach had ten chances to score by throwing a ping pong ball across a table-tennis table into a container. The winner of this challenge had the opportunity to choose the next fight. Sayed won the challenge and chose his number one pick, Jenaid Ebanks (England), to fight against team Pena's Ibrahimi Mane (Gambia). This is where the twist of events occur. After two rounds of action, the judges decided to go to a third. Mane's skill level and cardio proved to be far more superior than the power of Ebanks. Third round goes to Mane as he stops Ebanks via TKO and he moves on to the semi finals. One thing that bugged me though was the fact that Pena (on multiple occasions) told the ref to stand the fighters up when Ebanks was on top, and the ref actually did it. I vaguely recall a similar situation where a corner man told Big John McCarthy (I speak under correction) the same thing. Big John then stopped the fight, told the fighters to stay in their positions, walked over to the corner and told them to allow him to do his job.  The same thing happened at #UFCGDansk, when Conor McGregor (MMA's biggest star) was told to move from the cage by referee Marc Goddard. The difference here was, McGregor wasn't a corner man but shouting instructions to his team mate, which, in retrospect, anyone can do. However, the point is, the referee has the authority to do what he thinks is correct and not be influenced by what the corner men are saying. Whether the corner men are right or not, at the end of the day, the ref needs to make the decision as unbiased as possible.
The finalist of the show will compete at Time Square Casino Pretoria. The winner will then move on to compete against Dricus du Plessis for the EFC Middleweight title.

Catch all the action on SABC 3 every Saturday at 21:00 as we move closer to find out who will become the season's winner and and the number one contender. 

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