[Cape Town, South Africa] In this weeks episode of The Fighter, we got to see some fights! YEEEAAAAAHHH!!! Although, it probably wasn't what we expected it to be. To start off, last week we saw team Pena's, Mzwandile Hlongwa (South Africa), leave the house because he wasn't medically cleared. This week Cameroonian fighter, Bertrand Batamag, joins the house to replace Hlongwa in Pena's team. Then team Sayed's, Mike Diorio (USA), leaves the house due to a staph infection, which now leaves another opening in the house. Then Hlongwa returns back to the house as "extensive medical tests were done" which now cleared him! And because team Pena already has the spot filled, Hlongwa now has to join team Sayed. Confusing much?

So the first fights take place and we have the last picks fight to remain in the competition. Hlongwa vs Batamag was the very first fight in the house. Batamag goes on to win the first taking team Pena in the lead. Next fight was team Sayed's Brendon Lesar (South Africa) against team Pena's Max Merten (Germany). This fight was a bit more interesting as Pena and Lesar have history. Pena stated that the two had trained together before, he knows everything about Lesar and that Lesar was going to be knocked out. Lesar wasn't having any and said that Pena knows nothing about his stand up. Well, during the fight Lesar proved just that as he beat Merten to move on to the quarter finals.

Let check out some of the comments.

Even Dricus had something to say about it.

Be sure to catch the next episode this coming Saturday on SABC 3 or Kwese Sports at 21:00. Let us know what you think about EFC's, The Fighter series. 

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