[Cape Town, South Africa] Everybody that watched the main title fight from EFC 65 this passed Saturday will know that the fight ended in a rather controversial fashion. For those of you who are not familiar with what transpired, let me inform you.

During round 1, Stuart Austin was dominating Champion Dalcha by tagging him with punches and landing a few nice combos. Austin got a successful take down that dropped Dalcha flat on his back. With 10 seconds left in the round referee Ferdinand Basson allowed the round to end even after Austin was landing a few heavy hammer fists to the head of Dalcha. At the end of round 1, Austin and some of the fans were clearly surprised as there was a feel of uncertainty as to why Basson allowed the round to end and not stopped the fight when Dalcha seemed to be out of it and not defending himself intelligently .

Round 2 began and Dalcha seemed like a changed man. He came in guns blazing, dominated the round and Austin from the word go. This time around, the tables were turned. Dalcha got the take down and started raining down hammer fists on Austin, causing the ref to jump in and stop the fight. The major difference between these two rounds though, were the time in when these two very similar incidents happened. Dalcha received the hammer fists with about 10 seconds to go in round 1 and Austin was on the other side of the hammer fists in the beginning stages of round 2.

Referee Ferdinand Basson took to Facebook the following day to give his side of what transpired in his official statement (click link to read statement).

Stuart Austin took the same route as Basson and went to Facebook in reply to the above mentioned statement. Austin claims that with 45 seconds to spare in round 1, he managed to land at least 70-80 punches that should have given the ref more then enough time to stop the fight in his favour. (I have have no doubt that he can trade blows with the big guys. This was evident when he made his EFC debut against Elvis Moyo at EFC61 as a heavyweight).

Stuart Austin responds to Ferdi Basson's statement 

Austin went on dissecting the statement of Basson and gave his response and reasons. Former EFC Fighter and owner of Extreme Warriors Championship (EWC), Patrick Luindula also commented on the alleged 70-80 punches, claiming that if in fact this was true, Dalcha should have been unconscious and Austin declared the winner. Austin shot back at Luindula saying " clearly have not trained and do not know what intelligent defence is", not knowing that the guy who he is saying has never trained before, has actually been in EFC long before him.

This debate will still go on for a while as to who was right and who was wrong. We have now heard the sides of the ref and the losing fighter but only time will tell when Champion Dalcha will make his voice heard.

Article by : Darren McLean

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