[Cape Town, South Africa] Last weekend (2nd & 3rd December), Cape Town played host the UAEJJF (United Arab Emirates Jiu Jitsu Federation) International Pro Competition held at Reddam House, Constantia.
This event is part of the world rankings, so each performance was important in its own right. The event was open to all nationalities, all belts, kids, juveniles, adults and masters. We saw fighters from Angola, France, UK and of course, South Africa.

The Saturday was allocated to the kids and females, and the top 3 in each weight group received Bronze, Silver and Gold medals respectively. Sunday was filled with “all men” divisions, which included an absolute and a master’s division.
The matches were hotly contested from the word go but as in every competitive event, things did not go without some drama. Fady Saad and Walter dos Santos from Angola (and also the same gym) were both disqualified in their first matches against each other due to them not wanting to engage in any submission (from what I would assume to be out of respect). After a few words by the refs and the fighters, the 2 men stepped off the mat and allowed the next match to take place. There was however another match between the two filled with takedowns and submissions, much to the relief and excitement to the crowd, which Fady Saad won. After the match, I heard someone in the crowd say, "now that was much better."
Apart from the brief interruption and confusion, the rest of the event went down very well. Some of the stand out performers on the day were, Luthando Biko, Sindile Manengela, Richard Lowe, Mark Hulme, Deslie Faithfull, Reece van der Merwe and Faiek Abrahams to name a few.
I can tell you one thing, if you have never been to a BJJ event before, make sure you attend one. You are missing out on something amazing and you will be hooked. The support from the crowd was unbelievable. The sportsmanship from the fighters and the overall vibe in the gymnasium is something that will stay with me forever.

Be on the lookout for the 2018 BJJ schedule to see when there will be another event near you.
We at MMA Fundi would like to thank BJJ Events SA for having us and also for setting up such an amazing event.

Article by: Darren McLean

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