[Cape Town, South Africa] A few days ago, a video of man doing a boxing combo on the heavy bag emerged on social media (Facebook to be exact). In this video, you can see the man in a very unusual stance and hand movement that looks just as dodgy. This video had the Boxing community up in arms and blasting the man (who was identified as a trainer and "head coach") for teaching his students this type of technique. Some even went as far as saying that personal trainers tend to milk their clients by showing them "Basic Boxing Techniques" as a fitness routine and doing it wrong themselves.

"The reason why the Boxing and MMA guys are making such a huge fuss about this is because there are too many fake, self proclaimed Boxing, BJJ and MMA experts out there that are teaching people incorrectly", says Justin Smith, MMA practitioner and host of Fighters Corner

"People need to understand to that these okes (referring to qualified boxing and MMA coaches) have been training for years to perfect the art and every time someone is taught a technique incorrectly, it takes months and sometimes years to undo what they have already been taught to do.

People are lead to believe that they can use these skills in real life situations which is false, ask those who have tried. Even if it's only for fitness purpose, it still has to be done right. Just like a squat, or a push up."

After some research, I found out that this video was made by 360 Personalized Training. A well known fitness gym in Cape Town. I managed to make contact with them and was surprisingly answered by the person in the video, namely, Chris Walsh. Walsh confirmed that it was indeed him and the main purpose of the video was to show basic Boxing skills and then allow his students to search for a more experienced coach in this field.

Article by: Darren McLean

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