Terms and Conditions

  1. Any interview or article conducted by a representative of MMAFundi will be in the form of a blog unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon.
  2. This will be done at the time, date and venue stipulated unless changed by both parties two days prior to the time, date and venue previously agreed upon (in the case of an interview).
  3. All content will be the sole property of MMAFundi and shall be published on the blog/webiste once all editing has been completed and ready to be published.
  4. Upon agreeing to conduct an interview with MMAFundi the interviewee automatically agrees to the interview being published on the site. This also applies to articles posted to the blog/website.
  5. Once the interview has been completed and sent back to the interviewer, nothing will be able to be added or changed.
  6. The interviewee is required to share the final product on all their social media platforms.
  7. There will be no advertising fees charged and MMAFundi will promote the brand for as long as possible, however donations are welcome but not compulsory.
  8. MMAFundi aims to have a lasting relationship with your brand or gym, etc.from here on forward.

These Terms & Conditions are subject to change at anytime without prior knowledge to the interviewee or any promoter.

Justin Smith


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